Mr. Wong

Our story begins in 1982.

Our fried chicken story began when Mr. Wong started experimenting with his hand-battered chicken recipe in the makeshift kitchen of a family-owned convenience store in Dallas, Texas.

It was in this tiny ‘kitchen’ that Mr. Wong perfected his hand-battered fried chicken, and began to work toward the dream of owning a restaurant. Mr. Wong’s dream was simple. He wanted to create a place where on-the-go individuals and families would be able to enjoy fresh, great-tasting food at an affordable price.

In August of 1989, six years after the idea was conceived, Mr. Wong and his partners opened their first fried chicken restaurant at Northwest Hwy and Webb Chapel Extension under the name Chicken N Rice.

Like the dream, Mr. Wong’s concept was simple, but unique.

The restaurant served flavorful fried chicken fingers that were skillfully hand-dipped in Mr. Wong’s famous tempura-like batter, resulting in hot and crispy fried chicken tenders that melt in your mouth. As a nod to Mr. Wong’s Asian heritage, a side of fried rice could be added to any meal.

Although Mr. Wong has passed away, our restaurant remains family-owned and committed to preserving the values we were founded upon. Mr. Wong’s original recipes are still the foundation for our menu. Mr. Wong leaves behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. His spirit will forever live on as the heart and soul of Mr. Wong’s Chicken & Rice.

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